Capstone Project

For my Capstone Project, my goal is to find a way to showcase my developed writing voice in a way that combines my passions and my high critical writing standards as discussed in my evolution essay. I want to create a project where my highest personal standards (meaning I will choose what I write about, and I will really care about it) are matched by the high critical standards I have acquired over time.  I have chosen to make food a major theme for this project (shocker, huh?), but this time I am not stopping there.  Five years ago, I probably would have just written a one-dimensional piece about my love for food.  But my standards are much higher now.  I need to create something that includes my love for food while also challenging me and pushing me out of my writing comfort zone.  This is why I have decided to write about food in both a personal context and a professional context.  I will challenge myself to apply a variety of different formats, both casual and formal, to the subject matter in order to practicing adapting my writing voice to different settings.

In order to do this, I have decided to create a website for a new television show.  I have written the website from the perspective of a producer at a television production company called Rock Shrimp Productions.  I interned at this production company last summer, and I was exposed to the process of developing, pitching, and actually creating new television shows.  Conveniently enough, Rock Shrimp Productions creates primarily food-related shows for The Food Network.  So I decided to use what I have learned through my experience at Rock Shrimp, at local Ann Arbor restaurants, and through my writing courses to create the structure for my own television show.  I have created the website as if the television show already exists, so I would like you to imagine that you are visiting the website of this show that is already on television.  I have done my best to incorporate a variety of different types of writing, both personal and professional, as well as different types of media in order to highlight the breadth of skills I have developed. My goal is to create a project that will push me past my highest personal and critical standards, and hopefully be interesting enough for you not to fall asleep while reading it. Enjoy!

Please click this link to view my Capstone Project


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