Semester Abroad Blog

This was one of the first blog posts that I wrote on the personal blog I kept to document my semester abroad in Florence, Italy.  The purpose of this blog was to keep my family and friends updated on my whereabouts and adventures while I traveled around Europe.  This post specifically was an update on my first week in Florence.  The post included sights I had seen, people I had met, food I had eaten, problems I was having, things I had learned, and emotions I was feeling.  I hoped to share a taste of the city with my audience, inform them on what I had seen and done over the past week, and make them feel as if they were experiencing the trip with me.  I think I executed my goals well through sharing several specific stories and anecdotes as well as including pictures throughout the post to help my readers visualize the stories.

I would like to use this post to show how I was able to take all of the writing skills that I have learned throughout my college career and apply them to the most personal setting.  I was able to carry over the writing voice that I have developed over my past four years here into this personal blog setting and express myself very freely and openly.  Writing this blog helped teach me that I enjoy writing much more when it is about something I am passionate about and when it is about real lived experiences.  My voice shines through in this blog more than it has in any other writing I have done, so I need to figure out how to make my writing voice this strong in all the writing that I do.

Click here to read my blog post.


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